AIRHAWK DUAL SPORT SEAT CUSHION - Too new to be in stores
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    AIRHAWK DUAL SPORT SEAT CUSHION - Too new to be in stores

    Picked up two of these at a trade show and my buddie backed out so I have one for sale - these are so new they are not on store shelves yet. Brand new - this is the premium model with neoprine not the economy model made of polyurthane - no comparison in ride quality and durability.

    This is the first Airhawk made just for dual sport bikes - I tried the others and they never fit right!!

    They are already on back order - once they are available they will cost $199.00 - I have one only AT $145.00 plus what ever the shipping is to your address


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    I have the old small square one on my WR426 and really like it. I don't do enough highway on the TW to need one. Yet.
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    Wish I could afford this! I have two Airhawk2's. Good stuff but this looks like it would fit better. Glws
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