carb for sale, likely just for parts though.
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    carb for sale, likely just for parts though.

    Hi everyone, I bought a 1989 tw200 that didnt run. I was told it needed a small part in the carb. I bought a rebuild kit, and when I went to install it, noticed that the area where the nozzle/main jet holder screws into had a small chip in it. I installed the kit anyways, but the bike wont run right. It seems very lean. I tried cleaning things a few times, and some other things, but ultimately decided to buy an aftermarket carb. So I am offering this one for sale. It is complete, but does have that chip, and in the spot on the side that is supposed to have that black plastic piece that aligns the slide, someone has a screw in it, blocking (at least most of) the air from getting in there. Someone may be able to get it working, but I consider it best used for parts. rebuild kit I put in it was made by moose, and included a new pilot jet, main jet, the nozzle/main jet holder, gasket for the carb bowl and gasket for the top plastic part, pilot screw, springs and o rings where needed, needle and seat(carb bowl ones, to control fuel flow into the carb), and the needle that goes in the throttle slide.

    I have not set a price on this, as I think it is better to charge you what its worth to you. Make me an offer.

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