Music Mix - KB Moto 2015 with a TW200
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Thread: Music Mix - KB Moto 2015 with a TW200

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    Music Mix - KB Moto 2015 with a TW200

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    I like the re-mix of your race video. Some might say racing the TW is like taking a knife to a gunfight but I was both impressed and entertained. Good for you!
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    I think I could have kept up with you on the grass. After that, it's a toss up! If more of the race was in sand, I would've had a fighting finish!
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    I hope you are OK..... What were those blurs passing you ? Oh, they were race bikes I bet. That's like taking a BB gun to a fight with the "Rifleman" Us old guys know who I'm talking about.. OMM.

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    I am impressed , that tdub done good against the moto cross bikes ,
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