Picked up two new (to me) TW200's this week.
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Thread: Picked up two new (to me) TW200's this week.

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    Picked up two new (to me) TW200's this week.

    So, a while back I finally decided I needed to do the following;
    1. Get back into riding.
    2. Get my son (19y/o) into riding
    3. Find some healthy, grown-up activities that my son and I can share now that he's transitioning into adulthood
    4. Get my buddy into riding
    5. Do some backwoods bike camping with the aforementioned
    6. Work our way up to the TAT

    With that in mind, we collectively started looking for TW200's (the obvious choice for a couple of novices and some such as myself who has really really appreciates a minimalist approach to, well, everything). We found one for "buddy" first (see Slickers03 recent post on this same forum). This week I stumbled upon two fine specimens;

    Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 4.06.59 PM.png

    The first one is an '09 with only 754 miles on it. Picked it up for $2,600. The second is an '03 with 11k miles which I picked up for $2,400. I believe both a good deals, thought he first is just nuts. I'll be going Cycleracks on both with soft-side dry bags for luggage. I'll be pulling off the ammo-cans as they're just too flimsy (not actual ammo cans, just plastic boxes made to look the part). The '03 already has a high-bar, larger pegs, etc. so there's not really a lot to do on it. The '09 is bone stock so I'm going to spend a little getting it up to snuff. I've already got the basics (guards, etc.) for both. Just have to get everything mounted. I'd be interested to know if anyone on the forums has done any of the eastern part of the TAT on a T-Dub. We're hoping to do TN to NC (west to east) in the Fall and I'm looking for tips.


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    Welcome and after raising 3 kids I wish you the best with your son. I rode dirt bikes with my kids to keep us together and help occupy their time. Things like this remind me of an RV I saw for sale on ebay. It was a beautiful year old motor home a guy had bought to use when his son raced go karts. He did a great job on the ad and got to the end and said the only reason he was selling it was because his son was no longer interested in racing.........he had discovered GIRLS. Good luck to you.
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    Those rigid side boxes look like potential ankle breakers in the event of a minor spill that has the rider's leg contacting box. Some folks love them, I am very apprehensive of their ability to possibly do harm.
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    Nice bikes you found there. Welcome from another new guy on a tw after a long break.
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    Indeed. They're coming off. I'm going box on top and soft bags on the sides.
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    We're past that discovery phase. At 19, he's starting (finally) to grow up and have broader interests. This will give us a common interest that is just sort of his and mine (mom and daughter can have their horses).
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    What a great way to go play with your son! We have 2 boys, grown and gone now, 37 and 40, but the memories of doing things together create great memories for everyone as we age.

    Both of you should take a motorcycle riding course together! Even if you have rode for years and not taken the course... You will be surprised what you will learn.

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    Plus one on the riders training courses. And welcome to the madhouse. I don't know if you will be going over rocky/log strewn terrain, but the skid plate that comes stock on the TW is, well, not a skid plate. So maybe a ricochet, or other substantial skid plate might help you out.
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    That stock skid plate can take a beating.
    I do agree, change it, but it can wait.
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