Bought the GoPro Hero basic camera, Heres a vid clip of Pine Barrens ride
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Thread: Bought the GoPro Hero basic camera, Heres a vid clip of Pine Barrens ride

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    Bought the GoPro Hero basic camera, Heres a vid clip of Pine Barrens ride

    I was looking for a starter camera and with your help and assistance and my own stubbornness I went and bought the $199 package of the GoPro Hero camera and mounting systems,
    Its the basic one which does not get great reviews and the sound is not good with the water tight back on it as I have on it now as it was a very wet morning and I wound up soaked by the end of my 3 hour drive,
    Im using the chest mount for this video,
    Its about 8am in the Pine Barrens in NJ on 7-9-16 and having a great time!

    Personal note,
    (Need better rear shock)
    Or I need to lose 40 pounds,
    Im happy with the video quality and it being water tight for my additional adventures.
    Thanks all and enjoy the short clip.
    Peter B
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    Quote Originally Posted by pred View Post
    Personal note,
    I need to lose 40 pounds,
    Do this, you'll feel better and your TW's HP to weight ratio will be much better. Looks like a great place to ride!
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    Looks interesting. I would invest in protective clothing and protective TW gear(Bark Busters, Skid Plates etc.) I don't ride anywhere unprotected. There are good Mesh jackets available that are tolerable into the high 80's if you are moving.
    Just give me a minute while I collect my thoughts. They're around here somewhere. Maybe!

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    I like the chest mount. Cool to see the bike working. Way better than a helmet mount.

    Just so you know, I run my Gpro with a drilled rear cover so I can power it up while driving. Have gotten it wet many times, including a submersion or two and the GPro works fine.
    I've TRIED to kill it.

    Mine lives on the front Cyclerack with a clamp on mount.
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    Senior Member Peterb's Avatar
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    I just got a Hero3 too. Awesome video quality on my street bike but will have to use my chest mount for the TW on the rough stuff or its just to bouncy. Oh ya and I'll have to remember to charge the batteries before I head for the trails. Only thing I don't like is that its hard to tell if its running or not in the sunlight. Bigger LEDs at the rear would be nice.

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    I see the $19.94 orange saddle bags mounted up on the bike. Cool!
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    Nice ride but agree with the need for protective gear, especially if you ride alone and manage to go down somewhere remote.
    Question - how fast, what was that speed, in real life?
    And, how long do the batteries last and how much storage/how long a video, can you record with that camera?
    IMO opinion, the chest mount gives a great perspective and the camera is more protected and is much steadier than a helmet mount.

    And I'm still waiting on how you mounted those bags on your bike.
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    Senior Member pred's Avatar
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    Ill get pics of how I mounted the bags.
    Real life I didn't go over 20 Mph,
    Mostly all 2nd gear in the 3500 to 4000 range,
    Lots of slow single track,
    Chest mount was best as if it were rack mounted or helmet mounted it would get too beat up.
    Im pretty safe on my rides,
    Always gloves, Headwear, Eye wear and riding boots,

    Ill download another video of a non bouncy trail.
    Yes the bags held up well,
    Change of clothes, 1/2 gallon of water, First aid kit and lunch,
    They got beaten pretty bad by pine branches and the like and worked out 100%
    And Orange makes me more visible if needed,
    Peter B

    ~ ~ ~ ~
    Heres another link to another video

    Notice the speedometer on the clip?
    Not too fast,
    Lots of fun.
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