Dirt track riding GoPro tail view
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Thread: Dirt track riding GoPro tail view

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    Dirt track riding GoPro tail view

    Hello all,

    Here is riding movie on youtube. I remember one of forum member requested to me before about rear view shot when ride on dirt track.

    I put mount bracket on passenger foot peg mount. Movie is little too shaky because I think too rigid and close to super trapp down muffler mount. It goes worse when motor revolution high.

    hope you enjoy.

    URL : https://youtu.be/D3rF2n6DgQ0


    PS: Another movie up loaded. I moved camera from right to left side bracket.
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    Nice video all the same, thanks. My TW went flat tracking a while ago and ever since, I hear a rattle up near the speedo. I think my high beam bulb fell out and is rattling around in the housing. (since mysteriously, my high beam indicator stopped working around the same time) haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by old w/2 many guns & bikes View Post
    My high beam indicator no longer works also; so it's not just a flat-tracker thing.

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    I rode short track on a Yamaha 250 twin setup for half mile. It put out a little over 35hp and had a lot of issues trying to keep that hp under control on a small track. I think a TW setup like yours with the right tires, suspension, etc. would have been much better. That was in '64 so TW wan't an option and the next best thing was the modified Triumph Cubs which I would have preferred for short track.
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    One more movie uploaded. It's from left side bracket.

    Interesting by myself that I can see tire makes line like ski or snow boarding.

    Beeline: I'd like to see your race bike picture or something if you have. Time made bike changed little bitt but dirt track essence is never change until we quit using black round rubber tire.
    TW born since 1987 on market, will be 30 years soon. I appreciate yamaha they kept make and sale this bike because that made used bike & parts market well.

    I enjoy my TW this way, hope you enjoy yours.

    have a nice day

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    what settings are you using to film?
    I just got a go pro did my fist run went with 1080 at 50fps it skips on my computer. I am thinking its my old computer but maybe ill need to get down to 720 and 25fps.
    any suggestion to start with as I keep playing with the settings?

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    Hello, Mine says 720 S-48. I had a different issue and tried change setting this way. I didn't mess after that. ( I wanted erase wavy, shaky warp screen as you see on movie.)

    I think good try that making data size smaller like you wrote. I am not sure what exactly your 'skip' problem is but so many factor you can suspicious.

    *Movie software
    *Gopro camera
    *micro SD card
    *Connection cable
    *micro SD card reader (if you using)

    and those combination possibly.

    Any other members has same trouble like him?

    I never try hard to dig it these movie camera recording things but maybe good chance to look up. I have different issue my own.
    I don't think that much helpful advice here but let's see gopro user forum or something like that website for find tech tips & trouble shoot.

    I hope you can find solution.


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