Last 4 summer rides
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Thread: Last 4 summer rides

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    Last 4 summer rides

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    I NEED to see the 2016 trip now. Great slideshow of your adventures. Thank you for sharing!
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    I'm with Dryden-Tdub, where's 2016? lol

    After viewing these photos I want to go camping but can't. I didn't know Washington had coal mines. Those were very interesting. Driftwood on the coast are huge! Any idea what the square water tower looking thing was used for?

    Really neat photos!
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    A lot of nice pictures there! Thanks for sharing your rides.
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    Turtle Wrangling the Sierras
    Very nice.
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    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing
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    Very nice.
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    Nice rides! Looked like a lot of napping and eating in 2015 trip. Zzzzzzz...

    Thanks for sharing.
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