Nothing to see here, just ride along now.
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Thread: Nothing to see here, just ride along now.

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    Nothing to see here, just ride along now.

    Not I. But it is my back yard. Ya just gotta love The Pacific Northwest. Pretty much got it all. Sucks to be you.
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    I had seen this video a few days ago and it's pretty good. I would like to ride on the Alvord Playa at least once. Also, we want to ride around the rim of Crater Lake. Last time there on our Anniversary a nearby wildfire smoke obscured the entire lake. We were so disappointed. This video shows the state of Oregon pretty darn good. Thanks for sharing and I enjoyed watch (and listening) again!

    Being an older feller, I also like the music track (ELO). Reminded me of my high school days!
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    Very nice montage video. That looked like a great trip across Oregon with a little out of state diversions like the Stonehenge recreation north of the Columbia.
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    Beautiful and very nice editing. I enjoyed that thank you.
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