Truly Tasted the DARKSIDE
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Thread: Truly Tasted the DARKSIDE

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    Truly Tasted the DARKSIDE

    This past weekend I went up north with friends to some of my favorite trails (ridden these trails at least a half dozen times). But this time rather than bringing my TW200 like I always do I decided the wife’s ATV needed a good run (has not been really ridden since our daughter was born).

    Now I have ridden ATVs before on short hops or just to try em. But never did much distance or anything remotely difficult on one. I always found them a bit boring and always was happy to get back on the TW.

    But this weekend I truly saw the charm of this little 4 wheeled machine. It was still some what boring and I STILL prefer my TW BUT..... After 4-5 hours out there bombing down the trail and playing in the rock crawling sections and even splashing threw some mud, I realized I was still comfy I was still ready for more and I was still laughing and being amazed at what this thing could climb. It’s comfy and SUPER EASY to operate, which on short rides translates to being boring and uninspiring but spend enuff time out there and it turned out to become this super compliant comfy machine that allowed me to find fun all day long.

    So all in all I have a completely new found respect for said darkside and will likely get out on that ATV more often (with the wife’s blessing). That being said it will NEVER replace the TW as I still find I prefer the bike for pure fun and I’m pretty sure I could get my TW most places I’d be willing to get the ATV too. Besides it just feels like so much more of an accomplishment conquering the next hill climb or water crossing when done on two wheels.

    But alas here is the weekends videos.

    Had a good group out 4 Jeeps and 2 ATVS.
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    Mike whats next? a hovercraft so you don't feel the bumps? how about a hot air balloon for a better view? get back on the TW and ride that thing till you hurt!
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    sorry, but I go with your first statement....a bit boring
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    Life is full of things to play on and after having a Sportsman 850 with power steering for 3 years I have moved back to two wheels but yes I did have lots of fun on that thanks for the memories!
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