New TW review.
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Thread: New TW review.

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    New TW review.

    Follow fortnine on you tube, And I use them quite a bit for parts and such (easily the best Canadian bike parts distributer and there video reviews are decently entertaining reviewing the latest and greatest of every genre

    So I was a bit surprised by their latest video review of the venerable TW200. Was a fun watch as not many main stream vids about the good old TDUB.

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    Pretty nice video, thanks bro.
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    That's awesome, thanks for sharing!

    I believe that there was some creative editing, as in the river crossing that wasn't finished and the hillclimb that stalled out at about 70%, but overall very well done and entertaining.

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    After seeing that video I'm buying one of those bikes!
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    Very cool. Thanks!
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    Enjoyed! Guys fearless.....
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    That video brought two tears to my eyes and many chuckles. That was the best TW review video ever. So creative and summed up the bike perfectly. The dude must be a Fred protégé.
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    Watched that last night. Fortnine makes some of the most entertaining moto-videos I've watched to date. His TW has shown up in some previous videos but I was happy to see him dedicate one to the bike.
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    I love his channel. Probably the best/ highest production value amateur [sort of?/ used to be?] channel on YouTube.

    This one is one of my favorites.

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    I enjoyed the video but I'm extremely biased. Did eveRide move to Canada? Even this guy's voice sounds like eveRide with just a hint of a northerly accent.

    Fred and anyone who has followed Fred knows & feels exactly what this guy is talking about.

    This guy is obviously a very good rider. Think what he'd a thought with an SR241 and ATV outfitted TW.

    I need to learn how to "Spin Turn" and "Pop Turn". I've already mastered the sinking when crossing a river trick.

    Best line from the video which I'll have to steal and use at Moab 19 sitting around the campfire: "even my farts have higher compression". As a safety precaution, I promise not to sit to close to the fire when telling this line.
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