TW200 Parody Video
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Thread: TW200 Parody Video

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    TW200 Parody Video

    We haven't been able to go on any fun rides due to the weather and some maintenance issues, but we did make this video with some of our spare time. We love watching the UK Top Gear specials, so it's sort of a parody of those. Hope you enjoy:

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    Cute couple with TWs. Thanks for sharing. I thought the paddle and skate board were awesome back up ideas. It’s always a good plan to be prepared. My bikes originally came from Temecula Motor sports.
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    Nice job guys! That was fun to watch.
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    You guys are in Cali...!?
    That would explain a lot.

    Cool vid...I can see I have work to do on my travel pack & emergency kit.
    I suggest you consider adding a large air horn, smoke bombs & trucker flares to yours.
    And 400 ft. of tow rope.
    And a Chihuahua to send for help. A' la Lassie.
    Two would be better in case the first one gets lost.
    You could name them Nancy & Chuck.
    And birth control pills. Lots of birth control pills! In case you do not follow Mom's admonitions.
    One of you should carry a spare front tire.
    The other a rear.
    And a bicycle pump.
    You will never use that much water! Dump about half and lighten the load..these ain't Harleys, ya know?

    You are both nuts. Charming nuts.
    Welcome aboard.

    PS - I recommend dual careers in politics...
    You will so fit right in here...

    PPS - More vids!

    Your Texan pal,
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    Haha! You have much more video editing patience than I, but the sense of humor is appreciated. Thank you for sharing. Cheers.
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    Well done. I like Top Gear so this video was great. Keep them coming.

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    Funny video! Also liked you’re Crisis of 2018 vid. Moms always make the best safety experts.
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    2 thumbs up!

    "Half of almost two dozen miles away in a whole 'nother city". Hilariously funny. You were so lucky to have so many gas stations available on this long journey on one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world. As for the paddle, yeah, I could have used one of those a time or two! ...and the books you brought, the pages could be used for more than reading should you have gotten stranded in the middle err, I mean next to the 215! 14 minutes without food. Good call on Micky D's which would fall well within your budget.

    I love it.
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    Epic journey!
    That you survived and could document the adventure makes it even better.
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    Just more proof of the solid unstoppable mix of the Beastly Dub and Fearless, any possible situation prepared riders
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