Waiting for Spring to Break XT200 Ride
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Thread: Waiting for Spring to Break XT200 Ride

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    Waiting for Spring to Break XT200 Ride

    Warning!! Some content may be too graphic for children and those with weak stomaches.

    Basically, only the main roads are open. Higher elevations roads and trails are still snowed in.

    My day started out as it typically does, see snow and skeletal remains.

    Headed up the road and rode through this slipper white substance with the consistency of a snow cone. Didn't taste like a snow cone's.

    I soon discovered a few deer and elk didn't like the snow cone's either or so I can presume they didn't like them.

    Apparently, word did not get out to the herds in time

    Looking at the positive side, at least they didn't get hit by a car

    One of the skeletal remains was a deer. The other three were small younger elk.

    I thought about riding this trail but the creek runneth through it and I didn't want to get my feet wet on a cold day.

    Turned around and found more skeletal remains. Apparently, this old pickup truck got poisoned by the same tainted snow cone's as the deer and elk did.

    I was getting thirsty and was gonna stop at the next Saloon only to find out they made it a museum. How dumb is that?

    That about raps it up for another quick cold spring ride. Well, at least I got to ride so it ain't all bad.

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    Surprising amount of winter kill along the roads. Sizable rock falls too. Looks like last winter was rather hard on both ungulates and outcrops.
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