Palomar Mountain Ride Video
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Thread: Palomar Mountain Ride Video

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    Palomar Mountain Ride Video

    We had an eventful ride up to Palomar Mountain the other day, complete with some chain issues and a rattlesnake encounter. Enjoy:

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    I would say my enjoyment of your video was at 85%. I am not cool about smashing what looks like oranges unless that is your orchard? Also what seems to be the head of a rattlesnake being picked up by a knife, if you found the snake dead is one thing, if you killed it without it posing a direct threat is another. Lastly after 2 chain derailments you were running a risk of some serious damage to the bike or it could have caused you to loose control and then who knows what the consequences could have been. I do not mean to preach because I certainly have done many things in the past that I regret but I didn't capture them all on video and then post them on-line. Bottom line, enjoy, live and let live and if it's not yours don't touch. Stay safe.
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    I have to agree with Miaugi.

    If you did kill something just for fun, or as video filler or whatever, you are both idiots. It's hard to assume otherwise from the content of the video.
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    While I think you kids are great I do have to agree with the above observations. Sorry. However I do understand the orange play and killing of the snake; for I was once young myself.

    With the passing of years we tend to learn we are not as entitled as we thought to adversely impact the world around us, sometimes it only takes being adversely impacted by someone else to learn the lesson. For example should you be driving and come across 2 motorcycles blocking your way on a public road you might think it a bit selfish and dedicate yourselves to not be so inconsiderate to others in the future. Lesson learned.
    It is more than just common sense and courtesy to always pull the side of the road when stopping for whatever reason. It just might save you from getting run over or having an unpleasant confrontation with someone else trying to use the road.

    Other than that love the video & music! Try not to get caught without those helmets!
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    I agree with all the responders, above.

    That chain issue is definitely not "to be expected" or "just happens with all bikes".
    Find the prob, fix it, keep your eye on it.

    The vid was cool, your girl is cute and your future is so bright ya gotta wear shades!
    Don't 'eff it up...
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    Kill all the rattlers you want! Every farmer I know does..... Leave the others for rodent control.
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