New Mexico Jemez Mountain First Motorcycle First Ride
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Thread: New Mexico Jemez Mountain First Motorcycle First Ride

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    New Mexico Jemez Mountain First Motorcycle First Ride

    Hello. Brand new member here and first time motorcycle owner. I recently picked up a 2017 TW200 with 1,100 miles. Gotta say I love the bike and I’m stoked I picked it as my first one. I’ve already purchased a receiver hitch carrier for it and went for a long ride this past weekend. Currently working on getting my motorcycle license and getting the bike registered as I plan on using it to commute to and from work. I’m hoping to connect with some likeminded people in my area who would be down to ride on weekends and possibly teach me a thing or two about maintaining my bike. I bought the bike used from a dealer south of Albuquerque who claimed to not know much about it, said they had taken it in on a trade and that was it. They did replace the chain, put a new rear drum brake and changed the oil as well as the air filter. I just worry about not knowing the maintenance history, or if the bike was properly “broke in”. Example, I’m not sure if the valves have ever been checked or adjusted, and I gotta admit it seems pretty intimidating to me to attempt this on my own. The bike runs what I assume to be great, it feels great, it shifts great, and sounds awesome. I really like the sound of the stock exhaust. Any ideas on weather I should check/adjust the valves
    being a noob? Or should I take it to the stealership and let them check? Feedback welcome. 2898515F-6F0E-499F-9993-56DE9E3FD58A_1566840150803.jpeg2898515F-6F0E-499F-9993-56DE9E3FD58A_1566840150803.jpeg
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    Welcome aboard Dtan & congrats on your first ride...good looking bike!

    1,100 miles is not a lot, but absent maintenance records, you should assume nothing has been done...oil & filter status are top priority!
    Did it come with a Rider's Manual? That will cover much of what you need to know. If no manual, look in our Classifieds Buy/Sell section...I think there are some manuals on sale for not much $$.

    Change the oil and replace or clean the oil filter & strainer ASAP.

    Do your due diligence right here on this site.
    You can find pretty much everything, but you have to look for it.

    One good tip here:
    Find the subject/discussion you need.
    At the bottom of each specific thread discussion, you will find links to other discussions specific to what you need...check those. Sometimes they will lead to even better info.

    We don't have the best indexing system, so you have to be a bit creative in searching.
    For instance, if someone creates a new thread looking for info on "Sparkplug Problems"", he may create a wonderful thread, but he names it "Electrical Problem".
    You have to look & dig sometimes!

    If you need help from a shop, check Yamaha shops first. If none are available, check the other Jap brands shops, they might help or suggest someone else to try.
    See if you can find any independent "dirt bike" shops.
    Ask a lot of questions here if you want to or have to do your own work.
    There are many really experienced, really smart riders here that will be eager to help!

    Your Yamaha tool kit should be hiding inside the plastic right side cover, just under the edge of the seat.
    The tools are basic & cheap but will allow you to perform most tasks.
    IMPORTANT: The "Phiilips" screwdrivers in the kit are not really "Phillips" at all...they are similar "JIS" (Japanese Industrial Standard). If you use a regular Phillips driver, you can sometimes make it work but it *will* wreck your screw-heads.
    If your tool kit is missing, you can order a new one here, but look fast they don't usually last long in our Classifieds area. The guys selling them are 100% legit!

    Get that manual & read it...then get whatever help you need.
    You may get an occasional Bozo response, but not often. Just keep your eyes wide opn and you think cap on!

    Ask good questions with complete info!

    Have fun with your T-Dubb and stay in touch.
    I've had literally dozens of bikes of all kinds and the little T-Dubb is absolutely the best "bang for the buck" bike I've ever owned!

    Where in NM are you located?
    I'm just south of Amarillo, actually in Palo Duro Canyon.
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    "The less horsepower a motorcycle has, the more it can teach you.” - Ben Bostrom

    And though a mountain may rise up and smack the livin' shit outta me,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtan81 View Post
    Any ideas on weather I should check/adjust the valves
    being a noob? Or should I take it to the stealership and let them check? Feedback welcome.
    Hello. N00b rider here, too. I got a 2019 this summer with zero motorcycle experience, background consists of some car and fighter jet (military) maintenance so all I can say is read the manuals, acquire the right tools, form good habits, get to know your bike. My dad told me when I was younger--the only way to get to know your vehicle is to ride it and maintain it. I checked my valve clearance recently and it was easy. You can look-up 'Tdubskid' videos on YouTube, specifically the one on checking valve clearance although he left out removing the spark plug which isn't necessary but would make it easier to turn the crankshaft due to no compression. This is just an additional measure that you don't have to take, but might as well check the spark plug while you're at it.
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    ++++++++++++ on what Darth said above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Welcome to the form, Dtan81!

    Nice looking bike and it looks like you are in a great place to ride it.


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    Welcome aboard, brother! A tip for some newer members - the "Advanced Search" bar on this Forum has limited function. Anything that you need to research just Google "site" followed by whatever you want to know.
    1987 Yamaha TW200

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    Hey everyone thanks for the great feedback and tips.
    Im super pumped to be a member of this awesome community! Im happy to know that should I run into any issues along my journey with my new bike this community is only a few smashes of the keyboard away. Again, thanks for the feedback all.
    Darth I’m located in Rio Rancho. If I’m down south anytime soon I’ll reach out thru this forum and maybe we can ride.

    Happy trails,
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    Hi Dtan81, I'm in Albuquerque and ride a '95 TW in addition to other bikes. Welcome to the community!
    A fun ride for the TW without trailering is go up 550 to the Ojito wilderness, in there to the gas pipe road, then East on dirt back to Rio Rancho. Lots to see though no trees like the Jemez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtan81 View Post
    Hello. Brand new member here and first time motorcycle owner.

    Welcome. I think you'll like it. I can tell you're gonna enjoy the ride.

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