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General Information

I will add/update information here with the edit & date listed. As of 19 Dec 2020 I have not added any new information.

Moab 2020 April 20th to whenever (about the 30th of April). I know, whenever has an end date in reality.

My plan is to ride the 10-mile wash, Mary's Trail, Cow Trails (tubes) or whatever starting the 20th for a few days. This is more of a harder adventure trail excursion. Then I plan to migrate south of Moab to the Behind the Rocks area and hope to ride the easier sections of Behind the Rocks, Kane Creek (hopefully), Lockhart Basin and make it an overnight ride, just to name a few.

Wife Admiral is planning on flying into Grand Junction around the 30th of April (she'll correct me if I got the date wrong, which I usually do) and we're gonna split Moab for some other riding destinations of yet we haven't decided. Just thought I'd throw this out there for those wishing, hoping, planning on riding in Moab with the AWESOME TW GROUP we've had in the past.

As is in the past, this is a self-sustaining (bring your own booze and I guess food too) and a camping/motel plans. I'll be roughing it in the TWcrafthauler, which means no tent, no ground, no motel.

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