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  1. Technical Help
    I have an '87 TW and I think the stator has failed. It's not charging the battery, when you start the bike then take the battery out it measures like 2-3 volts, and when you take the plug off the regulator and check resistance from the yellow and white wires to the frame there is very...
  2. Technical Help
    Hello I am new to this forum and from what I have gone through so far, it seems to be a wonderful place to find information. I need a stator for an 87 and can not find one anywhere not even aftermarket. Does anyone know where I can find one? Or does anyone have one for sale?
  3. Technical Help
    Hi guys, im having a bit of trouble with my 87 TW. With the lights on, the engine misfires at high revs and has really low power (max speed 60kmh), but if i turn the lights out the thing turns in to a Beast and has loads of power. Currently when i have the lights on on idle, the lights are...
  4. Technical Help
    Help. My 1987 TW200 was running fine 2 weeks ago then stopped. It now leaks fuel from the carb, I think that's the carb. From what I've researched it's maybe a stuck needle valce in the carb. Does anybody know anything about this?? I am beyond my scope of practice and am having trouble findind...
  5. Technical Help
    Couldn't Find The OEM Wire Harness [Part Number 2JL-82590-00-00 ] For My TW. Got The Wiring Diagram . Where Can I Buy those Color Wires & What Size
  6. Technical Help
    New member here, relatively new to using forums and brand new owner of a TW200. I know enough about forms to know that older members sometimes don't like rehashing issues that have already been discussed, that said I will gladly read anything already posted if someone could point me in the right...
  7. General Discussion
    I just got my motorcycle permit and decided to go with a TW200 as my first street legal bike. It is an '87, 2,300 miles, I paid $1500 for it. I've had it for a few months, but just now got it plated last week. I added a new fender, DG slip on exhaust, and some cheap hand guards. I'm loving this...
  8. Technical Help
    Aloha TW200 Forum - Thanks in advance to anyone who dedicated time to reading this post. I really appreciate any help and love this forum! I recently purchased my second TW-200. This one is a 1987 CA model and has about 3k miles. The bike is in great shape. I was having some issues with...
  9. Technical Help
    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to start by saying I absolutely love my 87. I bought it a few months ago in July and put about a thousand miles on it through August but started to have problems with it. The symptoms are as follows: 1. Battery is dead but I could kick start but it was very hard...
  10. Technical Help
    I splurged recently and ordered Yamaha fuel lines for my bike. I see no freaking way these fit to the carb or petcock adapters, so I am using some 1/4" tubing I picked up at an Auto Parts store. Why does Yamaha sell this line for our bikes? I'm sure this has been covered here before but I...
  11. Technical Help
    I pulled the motor out of my 1987 tw200 and I'm going to do a complete resto but I can't seem to get the chain covers off any tips
  12. Technical Help
    wiring harness swap help!!! I have a 87tw200 ant the wiring harness can not be repaired ... I know the 87 & 88 harnesses are different but I was wondering if some one knows how to make it work and would share it with me. If you do can you reply or pm me please!!! (BTW I got it as a project bike...
  13. TW200 Classifieds
    I need a new wiring harness for a 1987 two 200 if any one is selling one can you let me know by replying to this thread or pm me please.
  14. TW200 Classifieds
    Looking to replace the muffler on my '87. I'm trying to find a stock exhaust in good condition w/ the spark arrestor in place. Thanks!
  15. TW200 Classifieds
    Looking for a stock red and white headlight cowl / fairing for a 1987, the nicer the better but I'm not fancy.
  16. Technical Help
    Ok, I promised LT I would post up about what I'm working on. Maybe others can add their experiences and knowledge so that we can all learn more about these little burros. :icon_thumright: What I'm doing here is really not very original. I've read about at least one other TW owner who made a...
  17. TW200 Classifieds
    Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of a tw200 CDI. Does anyone have one for sale or know anyone who is selling one? I've tried everything and because of the year it's super hard to find any sort of conversion or parts for this bike. My bike is actually a 96 but I'm located in Canada so I guess...
  18. TW200 Classifieds
    I bought a nice and clean '08 gas tank to replace the one on my '87... only to realize I had never bothered to check if the caps were the same! Does anyone have one for sale that will fit an '08? I would like one with a key, but if you have one that you don't have the key for, I may be...
  19. TW200 Classifieds
    Looking for an excellent condition fuel tank for an '87 TW200 with the red graphics. Also, would be interested in just the graphics. And, would also consider trading my tank + cash for yours. Mine is fairly decent condition, just a few dings, graphics are ok.
1-19 of 25 Results