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  1. Advice for a new rider/owner of a TW200?

    General Discussion
    Just looking for any advice that all you experienced TDub owners out there can lend to a totally new rider/owner. I just got a 2017 with 104 miles and I'm excited to start riding. I live in the city, but my plan is to get it out to my mom's farm where I can learn to ride and then eventually...
  2. In need of some advice and input concerning potential purchase of used TW200

    General Discussion
    Hello, Not being a habitual poster on forums, I tend to listen/read more than than talk/post. Recently been presented with the opportunity to purchase a used, 1992, TW200, with ~10,000 miles on her for ~$1200 (last week). Now, after a few pleasant exchanges with the person in question, it...
  3. First trail/dirt-ride Advice?

    Trails, Off-road, and Adventure Riding
    Hey guys, So I have never ridden off-road at all, and am definitely street-biased, having only ever owned road-bikes! Later this year I will be going away and am considering trailering my trusty Dub (Im sure I could ride the 130 miles but my girlfriend would come in a car anyway so am...