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  1. Technical Help
    My airbox is toast, looking at pod filters, will it make water crossings harder? will it improve performance? any negative affects on engine? Thanks for any replies!
  2. TW200 Classifieds
    Hi I'm new here. I bought a 2006 TW200 that needs a little work but overall is in good shape with 5000 miles on the clock. It's surprising to see that parts for a fairly popular bike are so hard to come by. I need the hose that connects the airbox to the carburetor. Nothing on Amazon nor Ebay...
  3. Technical Help
    So as part of my bike "restoration" I treated myself to a new snorkel. I ripped the mouse-eaten, rotted one out. Now, I cannot get the new one in. Perhaps it's because I have the upper body strength of a 10 year old, but I'm also open to the idea that I'm doing this wrong. I've got it oriented...
  4. TW200 Classifieds
    OoOooOhhhhhhh Unka Bob needs stuff to make his new (1987) Tdub run. God bless 'em, he's really not my uncle, but he may as well be. He and my late father were motorbike buds from wayyyyyy back. I'm guessing Bob is at least 77 years old now. I feel obligated, I mean it's Unka Bob and he liked...
1-4 of 4 Results