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  1. Technical Help
    Looking to rebuild an old TW200 I have found in the garage. If you look at the attached image for example, what kind of battery system is used? Where is the battery even? Would appreciate your help!
  2. Technical Help
    I need to buy a new battery for my TW. I have looked on existing posts, everyone seems to recommend the AGM YTZ7S which requires shims to fit in the battery box. To me that seems like a waste of space. I would rather have a bigger battery if that means more amp hours. What's the highest...
  3. Technical Help
    How many riders have had the oem battery fail within 18 months. Been noticing my battery going low this winter so i have been using a C-tek charger on it on a weekly basis to keep it up. Thought i may have a parasitic drain so i removed the battery and did some testing. Found after a full...
  4. Technical Help
    The battery in my TW is shot and im looking for a new one. Has anyone used the Fire Power Conventional Battery CB7C-A in their tw200? if not what other cheap batteries will fit. (looking for something with free shipping because I am way out here in Hawaii and looking for one that comes with the...
  5. Technical Help
    Hi All Been a while, and still tinkering. Just recently in Ozzie Winter (down to maybe 5deg C in mornings, about 15deg C mid day). My TW doesn't start with the electric starter first try of the day (can be morning or afternoon). So I kickstart no problems. After going for a ride, the electric...
  6. Technical Help
    I had the battery charged up with the tender out in the backyard in low 20s F today. About 30 minutes later, i try cranking the engine on and the battery just starts to die. No crank came through. Once i jumped started the battery with a car, my bike started right up. Any suggestions?
  7. Technical Help
    Hello fellow T-dubs, I have a 2000 TW200. Having battery problem. I got a new battery and a multimeter(to check battery and for diagnostics). Here is my problem. I have tested the new battery(dealer has also) before it was put in. I install great, Lights r bright, turnsignals crisp...
  8. Technical Help
    based on what i read in a recent thread ( I think I should be ok, but I just want to put the question to you all squarely: So I ride in the winter to/from work, it’s about 4.2 miles one way. im in maine, so it gets...
1-8 of 8 Results