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  1. Hi from Australia. Front brake and brake light

    Technical Help
    Hi all, I just found your forum after purchasing my first motorbike and it being a TW200 1990 (pretty much stock I think). I was wondering does this model's front brake lever (stock) trigger the brake light? Or do I have to buy something? mod something? Any tips would be great. Would like to...
  2. 1987 TW200 Parts for Sale

    TW200 Classifieds
    Here is whats left of my 1987 TW200, make a reasonable offer for what you need...
  3. Honing brake drums?

    Technical Help
    One of the shortcomings of my new/old 2000 TW, is that I have drum brakes front and rear. The stopping action of the rear brake was the worst of any bike I've had, so I took it apart today to replace the pads to see if that helped. Well, it did in small measure, plus I got to see what condition...