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  1. Technical Help
    A few weeks ago, my daughter took a pretty good spill on my Tdub, riding through some deep ruts filled with sand. Besides a lot of bent stuff (not the frame though), the speedometer is not working properly. It greatly underestimates my speed and never goes above 30 mph. What do you think the...
  2. Technical Help
    I recently purchased a 2002 TW, and noticed the throttle has to be twisted at least 1/2 turn to go full throttle. Does anyone make a throttle cam that would decrease the amount of twist required to go full throttle? All of the results I've found have been throttle "tamers" that decrease the...
  3. Technical Help
    I purchased a NGK coil cable and tied to removed the old cable from the coil. I was unable to remove this cable from the old coil. The current cable is now ruined from trying to hard to remove it. I have a 94 and now this this cable is built in and unable to come out in the first place. Anyone know?
  4. Technical Help
    I've tried several metric and non-metric wrenches and they don't fit the throttle cable nuts
1-4 of 4 Results