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  1. Technical Help
    Hey guys-bought my dream bike about a month ago but it's quickly becoming a nightmare. It's a 2005 tw with about 2k miles, which needed a 10+ minute warm up with choke before it would run right. Spark plug showed it was running rich. Just cleaned the carb thoroughly (soak+ultrasonic) and did...
  2. TW200 Classifieds
    NIB I bought these brand new last year for a trip to Colorado that never happened. Normally $200(each), will sell each one for $150 with Free shipping, has all instructions included.
  3. Technical Help
    Rebuilt the carb on my 2003, full acid dip treatment, etc. I also replaced the fuel line, added the filter and did a bunch of other "non-fuel" stuff that I'll cover in a different post. Since doing so, I get no fuel going to the carb. I can fill the tube to the carb with some squeezing and...
  4. Technical Help
    Aloha TW200 Forum - Thanks in advance to anyone who dedicated time to reading this post. I really appreciate any help and love this forum! I recently purchased my second TW-200. This one is a 1987 CA model and has about 3k miles. The bike is in great shape. I was having some issues with...
  5. Technical Help
    Hi everyone, Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me. I am new to the TW but had bikes all my life. I just sold my DRZ 400s to get a TW and scored on a 2003 with 207 miles on it. It has sat for the last 8 years in a crate and is in great shape but needs the usual to get running. I have...
  6. Technical Help
    I picked up a 89 Tdub last fall. The guy said the carb was cleaned by the local shop but it wasn't starting. I gave him $1100 for it. Maybe it was a bit much. But hey got a nice project bike. The odometer reads 13400km. So not that much use in its 25 years. The bike sat all winter against my...
1-6 of 6 Results