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  1. Petcock off - How long until engine goes off

    Technical Help
    Hi all, Searched for answer, struggling to find one so here goes. Got a new-to-me '05 TW with very low miles (under 400). Been chipping away at renewing the important parts. Went on a short ride tonight and maybe 3-4 miles in (let's say no more than 10 minutes) I realized my petcock was still...
  2. parts needed for 2015 tw200, float bowl and rear turn signals

    TW200 Classifieds
    Hey now, I'm just buying a tw200 and it needs a float bowl for the OEM carburetor. The former owner mis-plsced and can't find it. Also, i need the rear turn signal lights with stalks and all hardware. Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to getting this thing running after a few years...
  3. Top End Speed - Less that Before ... ?

    Technical Help
    Greetings all, So I've been riding my TW around for 2-3wks or so now after I had done some adjustments to the carb and had added the slip on, and thought my daily riding is still quite fun, the bike feels decent, and has no issues starting up/etc, I have noticed some change in top end speed...
  4. XT200 Carburator...of course

    Technical Help
    My 1982 XT200 has stock exhaust and air filter. The jetting is basic Yamaha specs. The carb has recently spent time in ultrasonic bath with solution of carb dip and water. Fuel level in float bowl seems to be spot on. The bike idles fine and runs well at higher RPM. The problem is running at...
  5. After market Pilot screw replacement?

    General Discussion
    Hey TDubbers, just wanted to know if anyone replaced their pilot screw with an aftermarket one that is finger adjustable? I saw them for other motorcycles and would definitely like to give one a try!
  6. Suggestions for replacing the TW200 carburator ?

    TW200 Classifieds
    I am thinking about totally replacing the carb on my 88 TW200. Any suggestions ? I was thinking Mikuni but I don't know which 1 to get. I can't afford alot, PLEASE HELP :rolleyes:
  7. Carburator Needles

    Performance and Customization
    I just bought a used 2008 model and need to know what is the stock carburetor needle size for this model year, and what needle sizes are recommended for different altitudes. I live in Denver CO, but have plans to do a long off road trip with elevations from 2000 to 12,000 ft, and I'm thinking...