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  1. Technical Help
    Last week I joined the tdub club when I bought a secondhand 2020. Not long after I got it home I noticed that there is a steady drip from the carburetor bowl overflow if fuel is left on, as well as high idle RPM. I assumed this meant either stuck float valve or worn needle valve assembly oring...
  2. Technical Help
    I'm currently having issues with my 2016 Yamaha TW carburetor. It worked fine for about a month after I bought it. it had about 1,400 miles on it when I bought it and I put about 600 miles on it. Recently it dies when I pull the throttle. I've been able to tune it in the past to get it to work...
  3. Technical Help
    Aloha TW200 Forum - Thanks in advance to anyone who dedicated time to reading this post. I really appreciate any help and love this forum! I recently purchased my second TW-200. This one is a 1987 CA model and has about 3k miles. The bike is in great shape. I was having some issues with...
  4. Technical Help
    I removed the carburetor from my Suzuki DS200 2013 bike to clean it months ago, and have finally gotten around to putting it back on (yes, I know, very bad motorcycle owner!). I also removed the tubing, thinking it would be a good time to replace it. Of course now, idiot that I am, I can't...
1-4 of 4 Results