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  1. Technical Help
    While doing some spirited trail riding this weekend my bike lurched to a halt. Found the chain off the rear sprocket and wrapped/bound up around the hub and got caught up in the threads of the sprocket bolts, not great. Come to find out the chain guard was knocked in by a rock and acted as a...
  2. TW200 Pictures / Videos
    A few weeks ago I took my 2002 TW on a ride through the Ouachita National Forrest. My friend Juan and I drove out from Round Rock, TX for a 4 day weekend and had a blast!! The roads were all very well maintained... a little too well for our taste but the scenery was great and we found enough...
  3. Technical Help
    I took my TW200 in for servicing, and afterwards it wouldn't roll in neutral very well. It rolled much better before. I'm assuming they did something with the chain and tightened things so that the sprockets weren't aligned. I greased up the chain pretty good but that didn't seem to help...
  4. Technical Help
    So i just got a tw200 handed down to me, I'm in the process of getting it back running, the chain is SUPER RUSTED! any suggestion on how to remove the rust from the chain? Ive tried WD40 with the Grunge Brush but having trouble taking off the rust.
  5. Technical Help
    Can you pull link(s) out of the chain to shorten? I'm adjusted out to the max.
  6. Technical Help
    Removing my stocker with 800 miles on it. Going to O-Ring. Breaking a 130 link chain down to 122. Seams pretty self explanatory. Anything tricky or does anyone want to toss some tips out to me? Thanks
  7. Technical Help
    I pulled the motor out of my 1987 tw200 and I'm going to do a complete resto but I can't seem to get the chain covers off any tips
  8. Technical Help
    OK so I was rocking my TW around the Pink Coral Sand Dunes near Zion in southern Utah (definitely worth a visit).. when I finally derailed my chain and got it tangled up realllllly good under the crank case. I was able to loosen it by turning the bolt on the left crankcase until it slackened up...
  9. Technical Help
    So this piece of my bike broke off. I was hoping someone here could tell me the actual name of it so I can start looking for a replacement piece. I figure it is an important part of the bike and I shouldn't really ride without it. It is basically a sort of rubbery track that the chain slide on...
  10. General Discussion
    Hello TW Forum! It has been a while since I have posed on this site. I just completed a cross-country move from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA--and it is riding season here! But, before I can hit the streets, I need some urgent maintenance work to be done on my bike. While its urgent, it...
  11. Technical Help
    Yesterday I installed a DID O-ring chain on my TW200. (I used the method described in another post where you use a threaded nut and c-clamp to press the master link together). I need to take the chain off again but now I am having trouble removing the master link. I removed the clip and then...
1-11 of 11 Results