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  1. Hawk 250

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    I just bought one of these. It has everything I really want in a bike: street legal, trail capable, carbureted, kick start and electric start, cheap and common parts, 80 mpg, and it's under $1500 brand new including shipping to your doorstep. I've had mine for a couple...
  2. New Pumper Carburetor for T-Dub

    Performance and Customization
    Someone on this forum posted a link for this carb in the beginning of this year but unfortunately I couldn't find the original post Anyway, US $47.66 for a brand new carb, cables and a throttle housing grip and 2 pro taper grips was an offer that I couldn't ignore so I proceeded to order one...
  3. Help project bike wont run cleanly. Chinese carb and ignitech

    Technical Help
    Help please I'm tearing my hair out. I'm in the UK and bought a (US Import) project 91 Tw from the internet as a non runner last year. I knew the bike had bits missing + broken but when it was delivered it was also missing the CDI and the pilot jet mounting was broken on the carb body. I...
  4. Close-Up Look of the CSC Cyclone RX-3 250cc Adventure Bike - build quality pics

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    Close-Up Look of the CSC Cyclone RX-3 250cc Adventure Bike » ADV Pulse