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  1. Clutch issues and questions

    General Discussion
    Hello, I hit the 500 mile mark 3 days ago and noticed my clutch was getting a little loose or less responsive. I attributed it to clutch break in and cable stretching and i referenced my owners manual to achieve the .39 to .59 inch free play. I ended up adjusting slightly on the engine side...
  2. Yamaha Tw200 Clutch

    Technical Help
    I have a 2016 Yamaha TW200. I bought it used and had to replace the top end. Unfortunately the clutch is burnt out as well. I am finding 'clutch kits' but they are all for the 2009 and older. Does anyone have a link for a clutch kit that will fit the 2016 TW?
  3. Will crank, but won't start

    Technical Help
    I bought a 2011 TW200 last week, when I bought it everything was fine to the best of my knowledge at the time. Shortly after buying it I was racing around on the bike, launched a start with a friend. I hit 3rd and I did the bike slowed the acceleration and started making a clicking noise from...
  4. clutch issues

    Technical Help
    Ok this one stumps me. I have a 05 two that has been sitting for 3 years. Just had carb reworked and changed the oil. Runs great now clutch has zero response. Spring is in correct position. Something interesting is that last year when the bike was sitting I noticed a puddle of oil under it. Not...
  5. embarrassing story, need new clutch/front brake lever

    General Discussion
    Hi y'all, long time lurker, first time poster:p So I was on my way back home from work the other day and stopped to get gas. Pulled up next to the pump, took the key out, and put it in the gas tank key hole. Usually, after I take the gas cap off, I put the kickstand down and walk around to my...
  6. Any dealer along Transamerica with good clutch service?

    Technical Help
    My local mechanic has rebuilt the carb but recommends that i also replace some clutch components. I have noticed that the clutch has been slipping this year and the TW has been ridden aggressively and has 15,000 miles. I'm set to leave NY tomorrow and want a worthy mechanic to do my clutch at...
  7. No clutch.

    Technical Help
    I need help regarding a clutch issue. When I bought my 05 TW used from someone last year everything worked fine and the bike was well taken care of. I purchased off ebay a "slick wheelie" to transport my bike home so I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of registering a trailer. For...
  8. Sticky gears, especially 1st and 2nd gear

    Technical Help
    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is a normal thing for these bikes or if I have a worn clutch / gear problem. When I am downshifting especially from second to first gear my gears seem really sticky. What I mean by that is that sometimes I have to keep tapping the shift lever with my toes...
  9. New bike. Wont Start.

    Technical Help
    Hello forum. Just got my first motorcycle, a 2009 TW200 with 400 miles. Bought it a couple weeks ago. Ran great, took it out that day for a couple hours. Ran great when I turned it off. It has been two weeks since I ran it and now it won't start. It doesn't even think about starting. It has a...