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  1. Performance and Customization
    One of my friends recently crashed my TW. My water holder (not sure if that's what it's for) broke off and one of my mirrors as well, does anyone know where I could find one? I've provided a few pictures from before the crash. Thanks!
  2. General Discussion
    If anyone remembers me and my last post (I'm the guy who forgot about the kickstand and downed the bike at a gas station...yea that guy:rolleyes:) then it shouldn't be a surprise I'm asking for help once again. The other day I took the teedub shooting with me. I had to ride through some pretty...
  3. General Discussion
    Was doing mix of offroading and street. Jumped a small hill and forgot there was a ditch on the other side. Hit the ditch and bounced a few feet past it. My helmet definately saved my chin on impact. TW suffered air loss on front tire and shattered left mirror. Gonna stick to driving cars for a...
1-3 of 3 Results