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  1. Custom 2009 TW200 Build

    Performance and Customization
    Hey Everyone, 1.5 Years ago I bought a 2009 TW200 off craigslist and set out to fully tear down the bike and rebuild it into a custom city attack bike. During that time I've found a ton of great information on the bike on this site and just wanted to thank everyone in the forum for all the help...
  2. Wiring Strip down..

    Technical Help
    Hey guys, fresh to the page and the TW200 Game.. Just picked up a 1992 and want to simplify it by removing everything not needed.. Started tackling the spaghetti wiring mess last night but I figured i'd hop on here and ask the pros.. Basically I want to keep the headlight/taillight (Would like...
  3. Cape York Trip

    Trails, Off-road, and Adventure Riding
    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so apologies for any mistakes etc. My friend and I are doing a tip to Cape York (very top of Australia) at the end of the year, and I am dead set on taking my Tdub. He will be taking his KTM 690 enduro, and I'm not bothered by how mach faster he will be...
  4. All my mods/customizations

    Performance and Customization
    I thought after having my TW for just about 2 years now, I would post some of the mods I have put on it since I have arguably one of the most modded TW's I've ever seen on this forum;). I got my Yamaha TW200 May 8th, 2015. It is my first ever motorcycle, and I got it for $2000, all stock with...
  5. WolfMoto's Fat Tracker - South African Custom

    Performance and Customization
    Very cool custom out of Durban, South Africa. This belongs to a colleagues brother, and has been built by him, with some help from a local shop ( There is also a short video / walk around. It should make an appearance at my office this week some time as my...
  6. DEUS EX MACHINA Inspired TW200 - First bike - Need help!

    Performance and Customization
    Hey everyone! So I just purchased a 2004 TW200 with a handful of miles on it and I'm hoping to turn into something the guys over at Deus Ex Machina would be proud of... Only thing is, my knowledge is incredibly limited as this is my first bike and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm looking...
  7. Dauphine-Lamarck's Custom TW125

    Performance and Customization
    More to see here if you're interested: the Bike Shed » Dauphine-Lamarck TW125 I think it's a very cool little take for an urban run around! Nice to see a Hollow mod with a definite difference. I am not sure about retaining the Honda logo's even though my other bike, a project is a Honda.
  8. Custom TW200 for sale (Los Angeles)

    TW200 Classifieds
    Hi guys, I'm trying to sell a 2008 Yamaha TW200 with 3400 miles on it. I put it together myself, a little over a year ago. Stretched swing arm, custom seat, lights, battery, intake and exhaust. Although I still have the original swing arm if anyone want's to convert back. I would like to get...
  9. I want more power, any compatible 350 motors??

    Performance and Customization
    Hello I´m customizing my TW to be a cafe racer, Do you have any idea if i can adapt an tx500 or a 350 engine to the system??? Thanks Pd. I was told to use more teeth in the fron braket and less in the back to increaso power.
  10. New HUGE platform pedals

    Performance and Customization
    I was thinking earlier today about those nice but expensive "pivot pegz" today after riding through some local sand roads and 2-track. I'm still riding the stock skinny foot torture devices and with some nerve issue I've been having in my foot (toes and arch). I'm just not enthuzed about...
  11. ***SOLD***2008 Yamaha TW200 (Complete Brat Style Custom)

    TW200 Classifieds
    2008 Yamaha TW200 All mods on the bike have been done professionally. Only 2,030 miles on the clock...under 2,000 miles on the bike before modifications. ALL stock parts are included with sale so it can be converted back to stock. (although I have no idea why you would want to do such a...
  12. custom air filter

    Technical Help
    Hello all, I'm the owner of a TW 225 that I bought in Hong Kong. It was already modified a lot in Japan style when I got it. The airbox had been removed and replaced by a small air filter directly attached to the carburetor (I don't know what was that model). Now its totally dead and its...
  13. Newest Member says hi :)

    General Discussion
    Hi Guys from DM of the uk. Have a late 80's tw200 that I got from a friend - awesome bike! Got me back into riding after crashing a kwak 400 import. And that rear knobbly is fantastic. Shipped this bike out to Spain a few years ago where it now sits in a garage waiting to see the light of day...
  14. Selling my 2008 Custom TWYZ250F

    TW200 Classifieds
    I'm looking to sell my fully customized 2008 TWYZ250F. The engine has less than one hundred kilometers after it's engine rebuild. This bike is a VERY strong runner and definitely NOT for new or inexperienced riders (with the liquid cooled four stroke race motor this bike has roughly twice the...