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  1. SOLD $200 Rear wheel, golden boy front tire, drum brake, 50T rear sprocket, OEM foot pegs SOLD

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    Hello! I just bought a used 2016 TW200 and the seller was nice enough to include these extras. I don't have any need for them, I'm in Golden Colorado and would like to sell it all together. Front tire: Golden boy SR244, manufactured 3116 Rear tire: Duro Powergrip, manufactured 1415, mounted...
  2. F/S: 1987-2000 Front wheel w/ tire - good condition - $60

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    I'd like to get $60 for the wheel. I purchased this from another member here a few years ago. I had some big dreams - two sets of wheels w/ different tires, winter / summer setups, etc. Now I'm getting divorced and I'm just hoping to hold onto the bike itself! ;) The spokes seem good and the...