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  1. 89 TW, kickstart needed first start of day, then electric starter works.

    Technical Help
    Hi All Been a while, and still tinkering. Just recently in Ozzie Winter (down to maybe 5deg C in mornings, about 15deg C mid day). My TW doesn't start with the electric starter first try of the day (can be morning or afternoon). So I kickstart no problems. After going for a ride, the electric...
  2. Wet and dead.

    Technical Help
    Went for a crazy ride up a mountian then out on the beach near the ocean. After i went through the river I stopped to tighten my chain. To my suprise it would not turn off with the kill switch or the ignition. Scared to turn it off that far from home I drove home and it still would not die. I...
  3. Starter and Wiring harness problems Need Help.

    Technical Help
    Hey guys I just bought a 1993 tw200 and I am having problems somewhere in my harness I beleive. To begin with the battery is good. The harness is kind of in rough condition and I think I might have a short somewhere. I turn the key switch on and then hit the starter button and nothing happens...