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electrical issues

  1. My TW will turn over but won't start

    Technical Help
    Hey ya'll! Recently purchased my first TW and I love it! The only problem is, it wont run :(. Ive been on several adventures with her but last Thursday it decided to stop running. Here is what is going on: It will turn over but wont start. There is no spark in the spark plug so I though the...
  2. 87 TW won’t start

    Technical Help
    Hey guys I’m new to this forum and I just traded a beat up Ford Ranger for a beat up 87 tw200. The guy I got it from said he was riding it about 30 miles everyday to work and it ran great (of course), but one day he was riding it in the rain and it just sputtered out and hasn’t started since...
  3. Power Loss With lights on

    Technical Help
    Hi guys, im having a bit of trouble with my 87 TW. With the lights on, the engine misfires at high revs and has really low power (max speed 60kmh), but if i turn the lights out the thing turns in to a Beast and has loads of power. Currently when i have the lights on on idle, the lights are...
  4. Neutral Switch Gremlin? Should I Ditch the Relay?

    Technical Help
    Okay, I'm appealing to the Tdub braintrust for help! I have a 1991 TW that spent most of its life in a forest service ranger cabin. The valves have been replaced, new timing chain. New starter, coil and starter relay. Started second kick and I was running down the road from my house and at...
  5. 1987 TW200 indicators not working

    Technical Help
    Hey guys so I bought a 1987 Tw200 and I've hit a wall. First I know my regulator rectifier is bad, and second I can't get any of my indicators to work. My hi and low front beams work and so does my back running light. If someone could show me the part number or a link to a relay that would be...