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  1. Technical Help
    Okay, I'm appealing to the Tdub braintrust for help! I have a 1991 TW that spent most of its life in a forest service ranger cabin. The valves have been replaced, new timing chain. New starter, coil and starter relay. Started second kick and I was running down the road from my house and at...
  2. Technical Help
    Hey guys so I bought a 1987 Tw200 and I've hit a wall. First I know my regulator rectifier is bad, and second I can't get any of my indicators to work. My hi and low front beams work and so does my back running light. If someone could show me the part number or a link to a relay that would be...
  3. Technical Help
    So i had a starting issue with my tw today that i cant figure out. It started perfect all day even after riding leo palace here in guam even after crashing a couple times. Then when i got off the trail onto pavement going down a hill it started to putt, comparable to the sound it would make...
  4. Technical Help
    hi guys, I got a TW200 2010 (without kick starter) about 4 months ago, use it for commuting between home and office, it was operating beautifully until recently, a couple of problems actually. 1. It randomly stalls, and I am guessing it's the Neutral switch It stalls when I'm on 1st gear...
1-4 of 4 Results