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  1. Faulty connection for turn signals?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys, happy Friday. Went down on an icy road yesterday and afterwards I noticed all 4 of my indicator lights began flickering and would go out completely, intermittently. Today I started it up and my front 2 are now functional, but slightly dimmer than usual. The back 2 are out completely...
  2. '09 TW No Power.. Bad Ignition?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys, Rode by Tdub to work yesterday. I took the long way home and rode it how I normally would. After parking it, and taking the key out, I left it sit overnight. I went to fire it up the next morning and nothing happened. First I thought, "Oh great, time for a battery" So I checked the...
  3. Rebuilding - extra ground wire?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys - First time posting, just joined. So howdy, thanks for having me:) I searched but couldn't find the info I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can get pointed in the right direction. Im rebuilding a 2000 TW. I have all the electrical sorted but ended up with an extra ground wire...
  4. Where does this spring go?

    Technical Help
    Hi guys, I took apart my ignition switch to troubleshoot the intermittent power supply issue. While taking the 'cylinder' off the bike a spring popped out and I can't figure out where it is meant to go. I tried it in the position as per the photo, but it didn't feel right. Key was difficult...
  5. 1987 TW200 Parts for Sale

    TW200 Classifieds
    Here is whats left of my 1987 TW200, make a reasonable offer for what you need...
  6. Electrical accessory simplification device with smartphone control?

    Performance and Customization
    Arboreal Systems Neutrino Motorcycle Power Distribution System Review - webBikeWorld
  7. 2003 TW200 Completely Dead - Fuses are good...

    Technical Help
    Thanks in advance for any help! This forum is awesome... I have a 2003 TW with 207 original miles on it. It was stored in a shipping container for the last 8 years. I just finished a carb rebuild, new carb boot, cleaned tank/petcock, new fuel line + 90 degree filter, new battery, and today...
  8. Electrical Gremlin

    Technical Help
    POST SOLUTION EDIT: This was a faulty battery issue! A new battery solved all of these weird issues and crazy glitches! My advice is that if you have some electrical issues that start spontaneously and seem to have no logic behind them do yourself a HUGE favour and take your battery to get...
  9. 1990 Electrical problem limiting speed to 55mph, everything dim, horn barely audible.

    Technical Help
    Hey there! So I just picked up a 1990 the other day. I haven't had time to really go through it with a fine tooth comb but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. There is something wrong with the electrical system which is causing power loss across the board and limiting the...