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engine problems

  1. Exhaust/intake valves stuck? Cam chain not turning through compression.

    Technical Help
    Hi! I've been reading through the forum for awhile have found a lot of great advice here, but I'm finally posting as I am have trouble finding any reference for what I'm dealing with both on the forum and in the service manual. Hopefully someone can help get me going in the right direction.. I...
  2. Engine crapped out on me wouldnt go past 10 mph now it wont start at all

    Technical Help
    I was offroading on my 2016 tw200 with 8000 miles on it, all of the sudden the bike bogged and wouldnt respond to any throttle except for 5% throttle which gave me the push to do about 10 mph back to the trail head to get a tow truck to pick me up. Now the bike was sitting for a week until I...