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  1. Petcock off - How long until engine goes off

    Technical Help
    Hi all, Searched for answer, struggling to find one so here goes. Got a new-to-me '05 TW with very low miles (under 400). Been chipping away at renewing the important parts. Went on a short ride tonight and maybe 3-4 miles in (let's say no more than 10 minutes) I realized my petcock was still...
  2. Looking for TW Engine!

    General Discussion
    Hey all, First time poster here. I have a 1989 TDub that the motor is seized up. Anyone have any leads on a replacement motor? Tried Ebay, nothing really standing out. Thanks!
  3. Does a 2000 engine fit on a 2006 frame?

    Performance and Customization
    Getting a bunch of offers to replace my engine. Chime in if you know what different years of engines will mount to a 2006 frame.
  4. 2006 TW200 For Sale unless someone sells me a used motor

    TW200 Classifieds
    I recently went on a dual sport trip with a bunch of guys on their 650 cc bikes. While maxing the TW out back on the highway, my engine died. Still cranks but no start. Inspected my bike at a shop and saw 1 valve has broken, piston was damaged from the valve tapping it. Crankshaft is possibly...
  5. chassis number and Engine number range

    Technical Help
    Hello everyone, Is there any way of finding chassis No and Engine No range of Yamaha TW Thank you in advance ;)
  6. ARe the TCI engine guards worth buying?

    Performance and Customization
    My TW has gone down a couple of times and has never had the engine casing scratched, possibly due to the luggage rack on the back . Does anyone with the rack still recommend engine guards?
  7. I want more power, any compatible 350 motors??

    Performance and Customization
    Hello I´m customizing my TW to be a cafe racer, Do you have any idea if i can adapt an tx500 or a 350 engine to the system??? Thanks Pd. I was told to use more teeth in the fron braket and less in the back to increaso power.
  8. Best/Easiest engine swap? Looking for more power!

    Performance and Customization
    I am trying to find out what larger displacement engine will fit the '89 TW200 without chopping it up too much. Thank you ahead of time for the insight. I hav been combing the old threads but cannot find much on this subject.