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  1. Technical Help
    Hello everyone,I'm planning to remove my fuel tank from my TW, this is the process as I understand: Remove seat, remove bolt at the base of the tank, set petcock to off, slide off the gas hose(am I just supposed to take black tie off and slide the hose out?) Then there is another part that...
  2. General Discussion
    I just acquired a 2006 TW200 and the gas tank has some rust. Any suggestions and can anyone tell me if the original tank is ALUMINUM? I only ask because Ive seen many DIY YOUTUBE videos that use different types of ACIDs or APPLE CIDER Vinegar to clear out the Rust. PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. TW200 Classifieds
    Hi All - I'm looking for a TW 2003,2005, or 2015 stock fuel tank in nice shape. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks and Happy New Year
  4. TW200 Classifieds
    I bought an old basket case Tw200. Its an 88 I believe. Need a good gas tank (preferably white to match) side covers, seat cover and other odds and ends. Can anyone help?
  5. TW200 Classifieds
    Looking for an excellent condition fuel tank for an '87 TW200 with the red graphics. Also, would be interested in just the graphics. And, would also consider trading my tank + cash for yours. Mine is fairly decent condition, just a few dings, graphics are ok.
  6. Technical Help
    The petcock was missing off my bike and I have a new one that I found online, but the bolts that came with it are wrong. I've tried to order from a dealer and the ones I was given aren't the proper thread. I also went to the local hardware store with the tank and tried every bolt I could find...
  7. TW200 Classifieds
    Hi everyone, im new here..just picked up the tw200 87 yesterday for an early bday present and started into it...the tank is full of rust, and the fuel cap is shot. but has great spark, and the starter works(as well as kick start) i won it at an auction for 1000$ having limited knowledge on what...
1-7 of 7 Results