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  1. No fuel to carb after rebuild

    Technical Help
    Rebuilt the carb on my 2003, full acid dip treatment, etc. I also replaced the fuel line, added the filter and did a bunch of other "non-fuel" stuff that I'll cover in a different post. Since doing so, I get no fuel going to the carb. I can fill the tube to the carb with some squeezing and...
  2. Hesitant in the middle of the rev-range

    Technical Help
    Hey guys, I have a feeling this might be a gummed up carb issue. Just wanted to hear some other opinions before I get down and dirty with the carb. My poor ol' tee dub (1995) has been under a tarp for the best part of a year last year. I have brought the old girl out so she can feel the wind...
  3. Pink OEM Fuel Lines are way too small

    Technical Help
    I splurged recently and ordered Yamaha fuel lines for my bike. I see no freaking way these fit to the carb or petcock adapters, so I am using some 1/4" tubing I picked up at an Auto Parts store. Why does Yamaha sell this line for our bikes? I'm sure this has been covered here before but I...
  4. Fuel Solution For Now

    Performance and Customization
    After running out of fuel on what I would consider a moderate example of the riding I would like to do, I decided extra fuel was my next project. I like rotopax, but they are expensive. Cheaper and more immediate solution came to mind. I have this front cyclerack that does me very little...