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  1. For Sale - Generac gas cap for pre2003 gas tanks

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  2. WTB: Matching lock set - ignition, gas cap, helmet lock (older style)

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    Looking for a matching set of all 3 with keys. The gas cap on my 1990 has been screwdrivered and consequently doesn't lock. If I fill the tank up too high, gas vibrates out - drives me nuts!
  3. WTB: 1987-2000 Ignition, gas cap, helmet lock with matching locks and keys

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    Hi guys, My 1990 has a gas cap that doesn't lock. I'm not sure how the P.O. damaged that lock cylinder, but I can't seem to fix it. I think that means my only choice left is to just buy a matching set of all three items - the helmet lock, the ignition, and the gas cap from someone parting out...
  4. WTB: OEM locking gas cap for an '08 (not sure which years are compatible)

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    I bought a nice and clean '08 gas tank to replace the one on my '87... only to realize I had never bothered to check if the caps were the same! Does anyone have one for sale that will fit an '08? I would like one with a key, but if you have one that you don't have the key for, I may be...
  5. WTB: Matching lock set for '87-00 (ignition, gas cap, helmet lock) ~$125?

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    Title is pretty explanatory, but if they're in good condition, I'd pay up to around $125. We can negotiate! Send me a PM - I check the site often and use an app on my phone, I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks in advance.