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  1. Rear rack *SOLD*

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    ** Edit: Gas tank sold. ** *Edit 2: Rack sold. * Rear rack, brand unknown in good used condition. $40 including shipping, $20 if you pick it up. Located in Leesburg Virginia.
  2. For Sale - Generac gas cap for pre2003 gas tanks

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    I just acquired a 2006 TW200 and the gas tank has some rust. Any suggestions and can anyone tell me if the original tank is ALUMINUM? I only ask because Ive seen many DIY YOUTUBE videos that use different types of ACIDs or APPLE CIDER Vinegar to clear out the Rust. PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. Gas Tank w/ float meter

    General Discussion
    Hey Guys! New Member Here! Just bought myself a TW200 and looking to customize it in the near future. I built myself a Ruckus not sure if anyone is familiar with those but I loved building it and want to do it to my TW200 TotalRuckus ? View topic - RuckL finished pg.4 plus video Linky After...
  5. 2006 Stock Gas Tank

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    I have a lightly used 2006 OEM gas tank from my TW200 for sale. No dings or rust and only a few minor scratches. Includes locking gas cap with one key. You will have to purchase a petcock separately (~$9.95 on Ebay). Selling because I decided to upgrade to a Clark XT350 tank which I did a few...
  6. Gas Tank Customization

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    Just a quick question that you've all probably hard a million times before, but just again, what is the largest size gas tank that would fit on my TW:confused: and more importantly does anybody have a link to a good, maybe metal (doesn't have to be) cheaper priced XT350 (i think) gas tank, i...
  7. WTB: OEM locking gas cap for an '08 (not sure which years are compatible)

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    I bought a nice and clean '08 gas tank to replace the one on my '87... only to realize I had never bothered to check if the caps were the same! Does anyone have one for sale that will fit an '08? I would like one with a key, but if you have one that you don't have the key for, I may be...
  8. WTB: 1987 TW200 Fuel Tank

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    Looking for an excellent condition fuel tank for an '87 TW200 with the red graphics. Also, would be interested in just the graphics. And, would also consider trading my tank + cash for yours. Mine is fairly decent condition, just a few dings, graphics are ok.
  9. Amazing Japanese Parts site . also oil cooler parts and diverter.

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    For those who have not yet seen this site it`s worth a look....Yen is about 10 to the $ at the end of August `13. TW200/225 This site has oil filter cover diverters for fitting of an oil cooler. And for oil coolers and related: Pit Bike Engine Parts - Oil Coolers & Oil Filters - TBolt USA...