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    My tw200 started running horrible. After doing some research on here I am guessing it is because I was an idiot and started using premium 91 octane gas..:confused:..... I noticed that my petcock was leaking so i took it apart to check the gaskets and the one that goes between the tank seems to...
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    Hi all, Searched for answer, struggling to find one so here goes. Got a new-to-me '05 TW with very low miles (under 400). Been chipping away at renewing the important parts. Went on a short ride tonight and maybe 3-4 miles in (let's say no more than 10 minutes) I realized my petcock was still...
  3. Technical Help
    I'm looking at getting a TW200 and I have an older DRZ with a terrible ethanol problem. I ride in California. The DRZ will get so crudded up that the carb has to be rebuilt. Are there newer model years of the TW200 that handle the ethanol-gas better? I see some posts on how to handle it, but...
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