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ground wire

  1. Help needed troubleshoot starter issues

    Technical Help
    Hallo fellow tdub fans, :cool: I have a noisy starter (1996 model), making a terrible grinding sound when I crank the engine. After reading a few threads on our forum it could be one (or more) of the following: 1. Poor grounding, 2. Tired battery, 3. Faulty wiring, 4. Starter clutch, 5. Starter...
  2. Rebuilding - extra ground wire?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys - First time posting, just joined. So howdy, thanks for having me:) I searched but couldn't find the info I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can get pointed in the right direction. Im rebuilding a 2000 TW. I have all the electrical sorted but ended up with an extra ground wire...