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  1. Natural Rights

    "(T)he Bill of Rights is not the source of our rights. It’s not even a complete list of our rights.” "... the Founding Fathers did not believe we got our rights from the Bill of Rights. Nor did they believe they came about as a result of being American, Christian, of European decent, or white...
  2. New "Ghost Gun" about to be born!

    I just got this parts kit. It is an M11/9, semi-auto 9mm clone of the infamous MAC 10 that the anti's love to hate on. They've gotta hate this one even more since it has no paper trail and has never even been inside a gun store! :booty::D This is legal because the part that would be...
  3. Rifle shoulder magnet thing

    Advanced Shoulder Pocket (ASP) - The Firearm Blog
  4. Music Video - Find Your Range with Noveske in Oregon - Silencerco

    If you like guns, suppresors and America, you'll love this.