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  1. Honda Bulldog reveiled, dorky like TW

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    Honda BULLDOG Unveiled - Would You Ride It? | RideApart
  2. Should i buy a Honda Sabre 750 cc?

    I checked one out in my town after seeing the ad om craigslist. Bike starts up faster than my TW. Has some light paint corrosion. Engine and exhaust sounds are amazing. Mechanically, everything looks okay from outside. I test rode it and i like the speed and noise but hated the handling and...
  3. clarke tank cap broke, anyone used a honda cap or alternative?

    Performance and Customization
    hey, new guy here. bought a tw200 about 6 months ago with a rusty tank, put a clarke tank on it and cleaned the rust out of the carb. put the tw in the back of the garage for a few months go to pull it out and the cap is broken. Google tells me this is common and even if i get a new one it...