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  1. Faulty connection for turn signals?

    Technical Help
    Hey guys, happy Friday. Went down on an icy road yesterday and afterwards I noticed all 4 of my indicator lights began flickering and would go out completely, intermittently. Today I started it up and my front 2 are now functional, but slightly dimmer than usual. The back 2 are out completely...
  2. 2015 Neutral Indicator NOT WORKING!!

    Technical Help
    Hey everyone, I'm new not only to this forum but to riding in general. Just got my 2015 TW200 as my first bike and its brand new with only 2 miles on it, haven't ridden it yet, (except around the yard since I dont have plates and im getting my license in a couple weeks) but somehow the...
  3. Turn signals shining all the time

    Technical Help
    Hi everyone, my bike`s front turn signals always shine. When I switch on my turn signal, both lights flash, but one flashes brighter than the other. Is this normal or is it maybe a ground fault?