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  1. General Discussion
    After riding through Tour de Forest, i went through the process of taking off my mesh jacket to put my rain jacket on underneath when it got cold, and put my mesh jacket back on. Then when I overheated, I had to pull over again, take off my mesh jacket, then my rain jacket, then put my mesh...
  2. General Discussion
    Not as stylish as Rev'it but the mega vent panels on the chest, arms and back are so large and convenient that i wonder why so few textile jackets are designed like this. Truly a 4 season jacket. If only this jacket came in white/blue/red, i'd be more impressed.
  3. General Discussion
    I figure I should make a thread specific on a brand of riding apparel that i use regularly. Check out RS Taichi. Japanese brand (manufactured in China), good styling, variety of mesh, textile and leather (regular cowhide or Japanese cow(bred specifically for leather jackets). Still a little...
1-3 of 7 Results