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  1. Technical Help
    The last owner of the bike cut the kickstand off. I've got all the pieces but I cannot tell how it was once assembled. There are no good, high quality photos of the TW's kickstand online so if someone could please take pictures of their own, to send to me, that would be great!
  2. Technical Help
    I got my TW200 second hand two years ago,( year of manufacture 2000.) Since then I had No problem starting, it always started the first time until two weeks ago due to heavy rain and mud did topple to the right side , after straighten it started fine moment later I stopped her put the...
  3. Technical Help
    Alright, when I purchased my 1987 TW several years ago the kickstand was broken off. Must of been bad spill or something not sure. I had it welded back on by someone else and apparently it wasn't done very well because it broke off again!! Well I parked it soon after that and hadn't really...