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led headlight

  1. Inexpensive LED Headlight

    Technical Help
    DRL Light bulb 12V H4 80W Cree LED 6000K Headlight Purchased at amazon for less than $15.00. Works on low beam only, so after state inspection I installed and now a nice bright light for road and I switch to high beam (off) for off road. Less of a load all the way around on charging system. I...
  2. LED Headlight Conversion

    Performance and Customization
    Has anyone done the LED headlight conversion on their TW yet? I just got one for my NC700X and will be getting one for my son's TW and a couple for my ATV. I didn't find anything using the search, so I thought I would post a thread. Here it is if anyone is interested. 3000 Lumen H4, H6 LED...
  3. Led joy for TDub headlight

    Technical Help
    They will see you coming now. GTR Lighting 4x6" Rectangular LED High/Low Beam Headlight Contact them to buy 1 for around $110, seems steep but being seen and seeing is cheaper than hospital food...