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  1. Performance and Customization
    I've got three new LED headlight options in the works. All use industry leading flush mount LED pods which come in multiple beam patterns, lumen outputs, and price points. There's also a fourth LED manufacturer option that I can't mention until after they publicly announce their new product...
  2. Technical Help
    I added LED running and turn amber lights and had the hyper flash speed problem with the stock flasher relay. I had cheap LED flashers from Amazon but the connector style didn't match. I did not want to alter the stock wire...
  3. Technical Help
    Hello All, This is my first post! I got my tw in February and have been tinkering, swapping and just generally bastardizing my tw since I got her. I've been searching the boards and am really grateful to you all for posting your knowledge. You've gotten me unstuck quite a few times. Thank you...
  4. Technical Help
    Hey guys, I just switched out my signal lights in the front with the Zeta integrated hand guard led light kit and replaced the rear signal lights with the 12oclocklab led blinkers. Now they both front and back don't blink, they just hold a solid light and don't blink. Please help
  5. Technical Help
    So I bought this LED Tail light which only has two wires?? I have an 87 TW the and old tail light had 3 wires. A ground (black), Brake Switch (Yellow), Tail lamp (Blue)? Can I make this work and how? I've been going through the forums and haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance.
  6. Technical Help
    So I have never owned a motorcycle that I worked on myself, but the TW200 seems like a good bike to learn on. My neutral and bright light indicators both went out simultaneously, so I decided to order some LEDs from Super Brite, along with a tail light bulb. I have been searching the forum but...
  7. Technical Help
    So I replaced my turn signals with LED lights(all four) also I replaced the flasher relay(FE246BH) with one made for LED's from But the turn signals do not blink. Also the turn indicator on the instrument cluster does not light up. What am I missing from the...
  8. Technical Help
    DRL Light bulb 12V H4 80W Cree LED 6000K Headlight Purchased at amazon for less than $15.00. Works on low beam only, so after state inspection I installed and now a nice bright light for road and I switch to high beam (off) for off road. Less of a load all the way around on charging system. I...
  9. Technical Help
    Im trying to install the relay I bought from Procycle. The relay has 3 prongs, a little wire harness with the corresponding wires, and it also came with a longer green wire with a terminal ring on the end. I hooked everything up besides the long green wire because there was no direction as to...
  10. Performance and Customization
    Back story: I purchased a New LED tail light with integrated turn signals of ebay. I already had the LED tail light from PROCYCLE. I bought the ebay LED because I also just recently bought a pair of LED Tuff Lite turn signals and didnt realize it was only one pair (blonde moment). Instead of...
  11. Performance and Customization
    I just bought a 2008 that had been camo'd up. See pic. I like the look but would like to add round 3" driving lights on either side of the front rack. Any recommendations for lights?
1-12 of 14 Results