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  1. General Discussion
    TLDR under pictures... So the night started at 8pm eastern at CFA where I work. I was managing the shift and needed some extra energy, so I decided to have an energy drink, a Celcius for those curious... That one decision lead me to finally getting in bed and writing this at 3:31am...
  2. Technical Help
    Hey guys, happy Friday. Went down on an icy road yesterday and afterwards I noticed all 4 of my indicator lights began flickering and would go out completely, intermittently. Today I started it up and my front 2 are now functional, but slightly dimmer than usual. The back 2 are out completely...
  3. Technical Help
    Hi! I'm new to this forum, and recently purchased my first TW200, an 09' (last bike was an 09' kawasaki KLX250) and am having issues with the front blinkers. When I bought it, it had no blinkers at all, but the wiring was still in place, so I ordered a full set of used factory blinkers from...
  4. Technical Help
    Hi all, I just found your forum after purchasing my first motorbike and it being a TW200 1990 (pretty much stock I think). I was wondering does this model's front brake lever (stock) trigger the brake light? Or do I have to buy something? mod something? Any tips would be great. Would like to...
  5. Performance and Customization
    I just bought a 2008 that had been camo'd up. See pic. I like the look but would like to add round 3" driving lights on either side of the front rack. Any recommendations for lights?
1-5 of 5 Results